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Résumé Mastery

Writing a résumé is a skill by itself. Consider the résumé the same way you would consider an advertisement. An advertisement is designed to attract buyers, just like the CV is designed to attract employers. So why not hire an agent to make “your advertisement” as classy as possible? The Document Ninja has written and edited hundreds of executive level résumés, working in the shadows to help people stand out from the crowd.
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LinkedIn Prowess

LinkedIn is the future. There is no denying it! If you are an active pro in the job market, you absolutely need a strong LinkedIn presence to help secure the best employment opportunities. Put yourself in the hiring managers shoes: wouldn’t you prefer to hire somebody who has a strong LinkedIn profile, complete with recommendations and examples of their work? Get on LinkedIn, do it right with The Document Ninja, slam-dunk your way to career success.
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Hey – I’m Ryan. Welcome to my website! I spent 7 years writing and editing hundreds of résumés as part of my work as an executive trainer in Taipei, Taiwan. After working on so many résumés, evaluating them has become second nature. So I created this website as a place to share my experience in résumé writing, LinkedIn, and career growth. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

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