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“The Resume Ninja” is a website that gives professionals the skills and tools they need to compete in their careers. If you are looking for advice on resume writing, LinkedIn profiles and everything in-between, you’ve come to the right place. The site was created, designed and built by a guy named Ryanhey, that’s me!

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Executive Training

Ryan has worked for dozens of multi-national organizations as a business consultant, managing high dollar communication training projects for companies like Yahoo, HTC, and Eli Lilly. 

Résumé Writing

During his time as a business consultant, Ryan edited and wrote hundreds of executive level resumes across all industries. Now, he’s offering résumé writing services to all!

Career Insights

Ryan’s work as a business consultant made him aware of a very disturbing trend: the average employee is a shameless conformist! Reverse this trend – with The Resume Ninja Blog.

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Ryan has been around the block, working for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Not sure if he can help you with what you are working on? It never hurts to say hello! 

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