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If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, you’re going to need a strong resume to show how much butt you kick. Don’t fret – The Resume Ninja will show you the way. Get started by clicking the buttons below:

Design Matters

The resume is like an advertisement, designed to get people to read it. If you are working in a competitive industry, you will need stand out – or risk being ignored. Without a great layout, most résumés are surely doomed to be deleted soon after they are opened.

Wording Matters

Once you have the hiring managers attention, you need to keep it. The average hiring manager spends 10 seconds reviewing a résumé. They scan only as long as their attention is kept. How much attention does your resume command?


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How it works

Follow these steps and The Resume Ninja will take your resume from drab to fab! 

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Why pay for a resume service?

A professionally written resume can help you sail into your dream job!

Resume writing is what I do.

It might feel a bit strange to involve an outsider because the resume feels like a very personal document. But in reality, it’s no different than an advertisement designed to promote you. Why not pay for an expert to put that “advertisement” together?

I've written hundreds of resumes.

You know what happens when you do something again and again and again. I’ve written hundreds of resumes… seriously! My work as a executive trainer in Taiwan gave me huge insights into the hiring process on both sides. My knowledge will help you create a better resume and give you a better shot at landing the job.

You can't afford to have a typo on your resume!

Having another set of eyes to look through your resume might be worth the cost of admission all on its own. Beyond finding typos, a professional resume writer will give you honest feedback about your CV. Then, they work with you to make something better.

If you land the job, you're on easy street.

The math isn’t complicated. If you can land the job you are looking for, any CV writing service will pay for itself very quickly. Why not give yourself the best chance to reach your goals?

But nobody needs to know that!

In 2016, if you want to work internationally, you need to have an English resume. Only one problem: English isn’t your first language. Your background may be strong, but unless the language is used correctly, nobody will take you seriously. Let’s work together on that, shall we?


Resume Writing Services

Resume Packages

  • Executive Resume
    • 1-hour Phone Consultation
    • Complete Resume Re-write
    • Original Resume Format/Design
    • Custom Text Logo of Your Name
  • Classic Resume
    • Resume-Master Questionnaire
    • Complete Resume Edit/Re-write
    • Basic Resume Re-format
    • Basic Re-design
  • Infographic Resume
    • 1-hour Phone Consultation
    • Complete Resume Re-write
    • Original Infographic Design
    • Custom Personal Brand Development

What You Get

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Resume Ninja services are guaranteed

The Resume Ninja guarantees satisfaction! I’ll work with you until you are proud of the result. I’m so confident that your new resume will get you interviews, that I will give you your money back if you don’t get an interview within 60 days! I’ll even coach you on how to approach the application process – how’s that for a super low risk offer?

Every package Includes

  • Telephone Conference

    (Or face-to-face meeting if you are in Vancouver, Canada)

  • Complete resume reformat and redesign

  • Editing/re-writing all the sections/contents of your CV

  • Editing one of your cover letters

    (But remember, you need to write it first!)

  • Revise until satisfied!

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